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The Study Of High Power Stability All-solid-state Green Laser And Its Application

Posted on:2013-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330392969919Subject:Optical Engineering
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LD pumped all-solid-state532nm green laser has a wide range of applications such as industrial processing, laser shows and military. Unfortunately, the power fluctuation brought by "green problem" limit its application in some areas. In this paper, high power stability all-solid-state green laser has been studied in theoretical and experimental ways, In addition, its relevant applications are also studied, including all-solid-state355nm UV laser and dynamic green people eye safety standards.The main content and innovations are as follows:1, The research progress and development trend of all-solid-state532nm green laser, all-solid-state355nm UV laser, laser display are exhaustive introduced. Moreover, the main problems in the current research of high power stability green laser research are focused on.2,Through the analysis of thermal effect of the laser rod and the theoretical calculation for temperature distribution, the DSRs with thermal lens are studied; Combined with the ABCD matrix and measurement results of thermal lens focal length, stable zone and spot distribution in the cavity of the dual-rod are analyzed; In order to suppress green power fluctuations caused by multi-longitudinal mode coupling, based on Jones Matrix, a new method which can improve stable output characteristics has been developed.3, The high-efficiency dual-rod all-solid-state green laser are experimental studied: under the pumping current20A,we got61W quasi-continuous green output, which optical conversion efficiency is61%;A compact all-solid-state CW green laser with high power stability are also developed:when control KTP to19.8℃,the power instability is less than0.9%(lOmin); We also experimental exploration on LD pumped all-solid-state355nm UV laser:in the case of pumping current24A,510mW355nm ultraviolet is obtained, with substantially Gaussian distribution, which power stability better than1.6%.4, The dynamic green eye-safe standard is studied, based on the GB7247and the result of experiment, We determine eye safe power threshold for such system at different speeds and observation angle. In addition, through theoretical calculation, results are extended to any distance and mirror coating. The results contribute to the formulation of security.
Keywords/Search Tags:all-solid-state laser, low noise, nonlinear frequency conversion, green laser, ultraviolet laser, dynamic green, human eye safety
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