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Reasearch Of Centralisation Of Cash Management For Enterprise Group

Posted on:2014-02-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Modern enterprise management bases on financial management, and the managementof funds is the center of financial management. The importance of money management isnot in doubt. For large enterprise groups, how to play the scale advantages of funds,improve resource synergies, has become an important factor to measure the strength of themodern enterprise. Looking back at the course of development of the internationalwell-known enterprise groups, fund management tend highly centralized enterprisemanagement, the implementation of centralized management of funds, has become themost important management tool for a modern enterprise group. Centralized managementof funds, can not only make the financial resources to be fully utilized, standardizeenterprise budget, the allocation of funds, the internal debt, product sales, purchasing, cashsettlement behavior, but also greatly reduce the cost of financing and the use of funds,make use of funds safe, liquid and profitable of the unity.Financial companies as Enterprise Group a solid platform for the implementation ofcentralized management of funds, has been given to strengthen the centralizedmanagement of funds and to improve the efficiency of the use of funds of the EnterpriseGroup Enterprise Group mission. As an enterprise group within the financial institutionsthan external commercial banks become more familiar with and understand the operationsand management needs of enterprise groups in the provision of fund management services,it has certain inherent advantages. LS Group, a large state-owned enterprise, established in1992by swivel After two decades of development, the Group’s size has grown, centralizedmanagement of funds urgent needs become increasingly apparent. LS Group financecompanie was established in2012, marking the group is concentrated in the capital unifiedmanagement of elevated to a new height. In this paper, in the method of case studies, thepractical basis of the LS Group intensive management of funds, the author combined withcentralized management of funds at home and abroad advanced theoretical knowledge,summarized from the successful experience of the centralized management of funds in thedomestic Group finance companies, the current capital of LS Group intensive managementto analyze and explore improved centralized management of funds put forward a series ofstrategies for the future of the Group.
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