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ROBOCUP Robotics Soccer (Small Group) Decision-making System Software Platform Design And Realization

Posted on:2014-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C C SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330398995827Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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As a challenging subject in the field of artificial intelligence, the soccer robot game hasreceived the world-wide recognition and interests. Besides, the development of the study insoccer robot is a strategic step from basic theories to practical application. A single robot itself isa complex electromechanical system, which has to design its own software to realize all kinds ofdifferent functions to adapt to the different environment. Multi-robot coordination is morecomplicated. Robot system software development requires a lot of manpower and materialresources,and the final development system also can not meet the demand of original design.Therefore, researching a kind of software development method and development mode,which issuitable for robot system, to simplify system development process and reduce the codingstrength,and providing a development platform with flexible architecture for the mobile robotsystem software development,have the extremely important theoretical significance and thepractical application value.In this subject,we adopted component based programming technology, proposed modeldriven programming technology and designed a kind of XML based control task descriptionlanguage to describe all kinds of resources of the mobile robot system,as well as various taskswhich should be complete by the system.We integrated the model driven technology and XMLthe field description language into the software programming framework.We mainly solved theproblems of control software such as real-time and reliability, improved the utilization rate of thecode, and provided a software development model and programming framework which could beused for mobile robot system to establish technology platform and research foundation the realrobot operating system ROS. The specific content of the study includes:The first two chapters had a brief description for the topic background and researchmeaning,and the domestic and foreign research situation, mainly discussed the characteristic andfunction application of the component based software engineering,and analyzed the reason thatcomponent based software engineering could be applied in the field of mobile robot,as well as its current application situation.The third chapter and the fourth chapter is the focus of this paper. In this section we putforward and realized a scalable and distributed robot system software architecture. Includingsoftware platform design, component model design, and the communication mechanism betweencomponents. The software platform design including component managementmodel,communication model,task scheduling and real-time clock. In the design of the real-timepart,we put forward the concept of real-time task module,the new model for real-time clock,andnew scheme for execution of multiple real-time tasks. The framework has been implementedusing Java programming language, and the real-time clock has been implemented based on JNI,so that the Windows OS based multimedia clock can be integrated into the Java program andproviding the most accurate clock event in PC platform.In the fifth chapter,we tested the performance of framework through experiments.At last,there is a summary for the achievements of this study, pointing out the further improvements andthe research outcomes at the same time. The experimental results demonstrate the effectivenessof the framework. The improved software framework is more suitable for mechatronic controlsoftware development, especially for the application of robot, which has certain requirements ofreal-time performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile robot control software architecture, component, Model driven, XMLfield description language, real-time, real-time task
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