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Study On The Carbon Absorber1μm Mode-locked Lasers By LD Pumped

Posted on:2014-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Solid-state ultrashort pulse laser of semiconductor pumping, not only has theadvantages of high output power, saving easily and so on, also has opened up a newresearch path for high-tech industry, military medical scientific research andcommunication for the output of the laser pulse width in ranging from picosecond(10-12s) to femtosecond (10-15s) level. Passively mode-locked technology by usingsaturable absorber mainly relies on bleaching mechanism of the high power and needsnot be effect of the impressed electromagnetic field. The current new carbonabsorbers (carbon nanotubes and graphene) have been proved to be reliable saturableabsorber material to achieve solid-state ultrashort pulse lasers and have the trend ofreplacing the semiconductor saturable absorption mirror.This article mainly talk about the passively mode-locking experiment researchpresent situation, selects Nd3+:YVO4and Yb3+:Lu2SiO5crystals near the wavelengthof one micrometer, using graphene oxide and double-walled carbon nanotubes as thesaturable absorber, realizing and researching the mode-locked laser. The mainresearch contents are as follows:1. The first topic is the solid-state ultrashort pulse laser. Then, the advantages ofultrashort pulse, the development direction of solid-state ultrashort pulse laser, thebasic principle of mode-locked technology, the implementation method of passivelymode-locking and the research status of SESAMs were introduced. The structure,optical properties and the applications in passively mode-locking experiments of thetwo new carbon saturable absorber (carbon nanotubes, and graphene) materials weregiven.2. The structure, properties and status experimental research of Nd3+:YVO4crystal and the preparation of reflective graphene oxide saturable absorber were introduced. We successfully achieved the mode-locking laser of Nd3+:YVO4crystalby the absorber. The maximum average output power was3W, the oblique efficiencywas25%, and the pulse width was8.8ps, the central wavelength was1065.5nm. Toour best knowledge, this is the highest power of mode-locking laser by usinggraphene saturable absorber.3. A W-type resonator cavity as long as1.7meters in length was designed by theMathcad software. The passively mode-locking laser of the Yb3+:Lu2SiO5crystal wasdemonstrated by the reflective graphene oxide saturable absorber, the mode-lockedlaser has the output power of above1W, and the corresponding central wavelength of1058nm. At the highest output power, repetition frequency is87MHZ, single pulseenergy is10.9nJ and peak power of1.11kW, respectively.4. By using the double-wall carbon nanotubes as the saturable absorber, theYb(3+0:Lu2SiO5crystal continuous wave mode-locking laser of four wavelengths in therange from1055to1061nm was realized. The maximum powers of continuous waveand continuous wave mode-locking laser were2W and1.5W, respectively. The pulsewidth was estimated to be15ps, the repetition frequency was87MHZ. In order tocompress the pulse width, we inserted a pairs of SF10prism into the cavity,successfully compressed pulse width into7ps and got a704mW mode-locked laserat the central wavelength of1058.74nm.
Keywords/Search Tags:Solid-state laser, Passively mode-locking, Multiple wavelengthmode-locking, Graphene oxide, Double-wall carbon nanotubes, Nd:YVO, Yb:LSO
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