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High Birefringence Properties Of Photonic Crystal Fiber And Its Application

Posted on:2014-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S C WenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395984258Subject:Optical Engineering
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Since the1990s, the photonic crystal fiber has caused a great deal of attention in the field ofoptical fiber communication. Compared with the traditional optical fiber, photonic crystal fiberhas many unique properties´╝îsuch as dispersion adjustable features, highly birefringence, low loss,controllable mode field area characteristics in the visible and infrared bands. In addition to thehexagonal lattice, the other arranged manner of air holes also has many useful features. Highbirefringence PCF is being widely used in optical fiber loop mirror as optic tunable filtercomponents. This paper makes the following research:(1) A novel of hexagonal lattice photonic crystal fiber with highly birefringence is designed.Based on full vector finite element method with anisotropic perfectly matched layers, itsbirefringence, leakage loss, dispersion, mode field area and nonlinear are numerical investigated.Numerical results show that the birefringence of the novel PCF reach2.0810-2, and theleakage loss is close to10-1dB km-1in the wavelength of1550nm, negative dispersion valueand negative dispersion slope over C band of low loss communication window, if the parameteris selected.(2) Through the Jones matrix optical theory, output spectral fuction of novel hexagonal latticephotonic crystal fiber loop mirror filter is deduced. Then it is discussed that the changes ofoutput spectrum when the lateral static pressure is imposed on the novel hexagonal latticephotonic crystal fiber loop mirror filter along the x-axis positive side and y-axis negative side.And it is analyzed that changes of mode birefringence of novel hexagonal lattice photonic crystalfiber which is imposed by lateral static pressure.(3) From the study, channel spacing of filter is dynamic tunable and the sensitivity of channelspacing is very low by changing the size and direction of the lateral static pressure, so the filterthat is designed in this paper is multichannel tunable filter. Compared with other optical filter,the novel filter is tunable channel spacing, polarization-independent, wide operating wavelengthspan, stable performance, low polarization mode dispersion, so it has admirable prospect in thefuture DWDM systems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Photonic Crystal Fiber, Birefringence, Finite Element Method, Optical TunableFilter, Lateral Static Pressure
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