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Improvement Of Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm And Its Application To Cognitive Radio Spectrum Allocation

Posted on:2014-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395483937Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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Against the problems of Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization(QPSO) algorithm in the latepart of iterations,such as decline of population diversity, slow convergence rate and easy to fallinto the local optima, An improved quantum particle swarm optimization is raised in thispaper.Cognitive radio is generated to alleviate the spectrum resouse shortage,and it has been provedthat it is an important research direction to apply the quantum smart algorithm to the CognitiveRadio Spectrum Allocation(CRSA).In this paper, the way of CRSA based on QPSO and animproved QPSO will be discussed and the performance of QPSO,the improved QPSO and QGAwhich are used in CRSA will be analyzed.The main work is as follows.Firstly,the basic principles, the algorithm flows and the theoretical performance of two mainQPSO algorithms are analyzed.Then the experiment performance is compared with eachother,which shows the reason why QPSO based on quantum mechanical wave function is chosen.Secondly,based on QPSO,an improved quantum particle swarm optimization--cooperativedouble-center Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization with self-Adaptive contraction-expansioncoefficient(AQPSO) is proposed and the ideological foundation,source,aim and the summarizationis discussed.Then two improved points are analyzed in detail,which include the baisic principle andthe performance.The next,the algorithm flow of AQPSO is given. Finally,the performance ofQGA,QPSO and AQPSO is compared by the experimental simulation which shows that AQPSOhas a faster convergence speed and a higher presicion compared with QGA and QPSO.Thirdly,the non-cooperative model of CRSA based on QPSO and AQPSO is researched.TheCRSA and game theory and the design method is analyzed.Then the advantages of QGA over GAwhich has been used in CRSA are discussed by simulations.The next,the performance and algorithmflows of QPSO and AQPSO which are also used in CRSA are analyzed in detail.Finally,theperformance of QGA,QPSO and AQPSO is compared by the experimental simulation whichshows that AQPSO has a faster convergence speed and a higher presicion compared with QGA andQPSO.
Keywords/Search Tags:Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization, improved, Cognitive Radio, SpectrumAllocation, Game Theory
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