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Grant Program For College Students In A College

Posted on:2014-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the society, the economy and the popularization of higher education, the number of Chinese students are growing explosively and Chinese higher education is developing speedfully. On the popularization of higher education’s stage, there are not only the public colleges but also private colleges, which play a very important role in the popularization process. Comparing to public colleges private, colleges’s tuitions are more, but it dose not mean they are the elite schools. From60to80of percent of the private colleges students are from rural, even some students from the city, their families are not rich. In the recent years, as a famous college,the problems of A colleges’s poor students arise. The proportion of the poor students are growing year by year and the numbers of the poor students are increasing. As a special group, the poor students may cause some difficult problems. Therefore we must understand the importances of the management in A colleges student from the views of the realization of the future development goals and rejuvenating the country. First of all, in order to provide some theoretical basis for improving the management of the private college grant projects. To research the management of the private college grant projects, it is useful to improve the management of Chinese private college grant projects. Secondly, it can promote the quality of the education of A college. Finally, to some extent, it is useful for allocating of social resources reasonably. At present, our country is not perfect in making policies, investment and management in higher education Comparing with the western developed countries, it still has a big gap in grant management. To make the most effective use of available financial resources, material resources and human resources and expanding the education rights, resource mobilization should be pay more attention.This paper mainly uses the literature research method, WBS method, interview method and case study method. This paper study the domestic and foreign project management, private colleges grant project management deeply. This paper expounds the concept and theoretical basis of the project management and the private colleges grant project management and introduces the main experience of foreign private colleges grant project management. After analyzing the problems of A colleges grant project management, it summarize the achievements and problems of A colleges grant project management, such as finance single, funding low in general, sources of funds not wide, the management system not perfect. On this basis, it says the necessity and feasibility of the private colleges grant project management, which can control the cost benefit principle of the gold project grant, Improve collaboration management and decompose the tasks.In view of the existing problems of A College’s grant project management, this paper analyzes system and designs project. Combining with the basic situation of A College and students’economic conditions of A College, this paper advises reforming the structure of A College grant program, implementing A College grant program with standards, evaluating the implementation effect which puts forward the evaluation assessment and methods such as evaluation educators and students of A College grant program, evaluation of A College grant project team. Proposals to strengthen the funding of private college students’attention, rich private university grant, improve the private university funding management system.
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