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Investigation And Study On Oral Status Among The Elders In The Nursing Home In Jinan

Posted on:2014-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J B CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2234330398961619Subject:Clinical oral medicine
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Objective:To learn about the status of tooth loss and oral health habits among the elders in the nursing home in Jinan, so as to provide relevant reference for taking targeted measures to improve their quality of life.Methods:According to the standard of "The Third National Investigation Program on the Epidemiology of Oral Health, Multistage random sample was used to investigate the oral health status and habits of420elders in the nursing home in Jinan. SPSS18.0software package was used for data analysis.Results:Of the420elders investigated, the rate of completion of dentition, dentition defect, edentulous are9(2.14%),321(76.43%) and90(21.43%); The rate of completion of dentition in the55-64years old group is higher than that in the65-73years old group (χ2=5.14, P=0.023) and that in more than75years old group (χ2=9.38, P=0.002); The rate of dentition defect in the female subjects is higher than that in the male Subjects; The rate of denture restoration is47.45%(195/411);41.67%(175/420) subjects brush their teeth more than2times every day;24.76%(104/420) subjects brush their teeth for more than2minutes;252subjects take a horizontal brush,168take a vertical brush while no one uses the BASS brushing method; Only124subjects replace their toothbrush in less than3months; The rate of flossing, regularly scaling and oral examination are0.24%、1.19%、0.48%;Conclusions:The condition of oral health status among the elders in the nursing home in Jinan is still unsatisfactory. And there is a lack of proper oral health habits. The rate of dentition defect and edentulous was high but the rate of denture restoration was low. We should increase the oral hygiene education and take relevant measures to improve the oral health status among the elders in the nursing home in Jinan.
Keywords/Search Tags:Nursing Home, Oral health, Dentition defect, Denture restoration
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