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Vector Towed Array MVDR Beamforming And Research Of Ship Interference Cancellation Method

Posted on:2013-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330377959001Subject:Underwater Acoustics
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For the advantage of big aperture, low working frequency and far detection distance,towed array has been widely used in variety ships. At the same time, with the developmentof vector hydrophone reasearch, more and more vector hydrophones are also applied to thetowed array sonar. Although towed array is far away from ship, the noise of ships is still akind of strong interference, so study the mechanism of the vector array and reduce theinterference of the ships, are meaningful for the performance of towed array.In this paper, we first discuss the technique of the ship interference cancellation.Through analysing characteristics of ship interference, we find out the randomness of shipinterference. Multipath interference is easier to handle in the frequency domain, so thetransform domain AIC(adaptive interference cancellation) technique and theSOCP(second-order cone programming) method are chosen to design the time domain FIRbeamformer for extracting the interference of the ship.Secondly, we analyze the principles of vector hydrophone array beamforming. Focus onthe performance of the MVDR beamforming, we also draw the beam pattern of vectorMVDR and point out the best weight vector with the limited sampling data, Moreover, usingthe system output SINR as an important evaluation standard of performance. we derivate thegeneral form of the array output SINR and discuss the changes of SINR when with or withoutinterference. Also, combine the above technique to the vector hydrophone array, realize theship interference cancellation of the vector towed array. Finally, do the experiments to inspectthe correctness of the simulation results and the validity of the technique.In the condition of high SNR, the vector array MVDR can well counteract interference,however, in the condition of low SNR, the ability tu counteract interference becomes worse.Transform domain AIC can reduce the impact from the ship interference and improve theability of the towed array performance on position estimation and interference cancellation.
Keywords/Search Tags:towed array, the ship interference, adaptive, vector array, MVDR, DOA
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