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Based On The P2p Content Distribution Network Architecture And Routing

Posted on:2008-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360215450083Subject:Computer application technology
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P2P and CDN (Content Delivery Network) are two main ways of delivering contents on the Internet. The kernel of CDN is to deliver contents of ICP and e-commerce sites to service nodes which are close to users quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the help of CDN, users can visit the nearest service nodes with prompt response. Furthermore, CDN reduces the burden of original sites and improves the utilization of equipments and networks.Compared to CDN, P2P is a completely different way of delivering contents. The kernel of P2P is to make use of users'resources to deliver contents in the way of "peer to peer". This is totally different from the traditional C/S model. P2P is designed to be "no center" and exchange conterts among multi-peers without servers.The reliability and manageability of CDN and the scalability of P2P are supplementing each other, so how to integrate CDN and P2P effectively has become one of the hotspots of network research. The main contents of the dissertation are as follows:1.To analyze technologies which have relationship with CDN and P2P in depth;2.A new prototype of network which is called P2P-based content delivery network is proposed;3.Dynamic routing algorithms are carried out on the basis of the P2P-based content delivery network. One is called Dynamic-inner Routing algorithm and the other is called Proxy Routing algorithm. The Dynamic-inner Routing algorithm mainly considers the highly dynamic changes in an autonomous system; it's a configurable and diffused routing algorithm. QoS is largely considered in the Proxy Routing algorithm, it means that what matters mostly is that how to find an efficient routing mechanism between source servers and proxy servers.4.All algorithms in the dissertation are simulated in appropriate ways.
Keywords/Search Tags:P2P, content delivery network, network topology, Dynamic-inner Routing, Proxy Routing
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