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Research And Realization Of High Speed And High Precision Data Acquisition And High-capacity Data Storage Technology

Posted on:2007-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360185456196Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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Analog to digital converter (ADC) and storage system is very important in signal and information processing system. With the development of wide band radar technology and the software radio, it is more and more important for an ADC with higher sampling rate and higher precision. With the sampling rate of ADC becoming higher and the requirement of algorithm of information processing, the data storage system must store data with higher speed and higher precision.Limited by ADC chip's manufacturing processing, it is hard for a single ADC chip to acquire the high sampling rate and high precision at the same time. The method of parallel times-interleaved sampling ADC system is effective to solve this problem. In the time-interleaved ADC system, M pieces of ADCs work in a parallel method and sample at a sampling frequency fs / M, in the back-end of the system, M outputs are multiplexed to give an overall sampling frequency f s. The drawback of this structure is that ADCs are not exactly identical due to errors in the manufacturing processing. This means that time, gain, and offset mismatch errors are introduced in the ADC system. These mismatch errors will degrade the system performance greatly. In this dissertation, we analyzed the reasons generating the channel mismatch errors, presented the algorithm measuring the three errors, which doesn't need any testing signal, and correspond it. At last, we proved the availability of the algorithm by simulation. For satisfying the requirement of sampling rate and sampling precision about RF receiver, in this dissertation, we design and constructed a high-speed and high-precision data acquisition system working at 90 MHz sampling frequency. The test indicates that it can satisfy the performance of the system.Because of the high data rate,large data volume and long-playing storage in the SAR, it must have larger data storage and higher speed processing. In most acquisition and storage system, it usually caches data on PCB and transfers it to computer by PCI to store in the hard disk with FAT32 format. Because this system is large and has high requirement with working condition, it cannot be used conveniently at field. In this dissertation, a system, which can acquire data and store data with FAT32 format without computers, is introduced. It converts the data which is transferred from...
Keywords/Search Tags:times-interleaved sample, channel mismatch error, blinding estimate, SATA, FAT32 file system
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