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Software Capability Maturity Model In Real-time System Development

Posted on:2004-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2208360092481818Subject:Computer application technology
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The Capability Maturity Model, CMM, is an outstanding research fruit of CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) SEI (Software Engineering Institute). With this model, the capability level of software organization can be evaluated, and the software developers are able to be self-evaluated. Nowadays, CMM is regard as an international standard of software development process.As an important standard of software process management and improvement, a most important function of CMM is to manage and guarantee the quality of software. Meanwhile, the development of real-time system lays a strong emphasis on the management and guarantee of quality. The real-time system, especially hard real-time system, is crucial to users. A little careless omission may result in severity ending. Moreover, in the process of real-time system development, each phase is important, especially in its phase of analysis and design.Therefore, it's believed to be good that if CMM can apply to the real-time system development. The main purpose of this article, is study how to apply CMM model to special environment, the real-time system development process, namely, how a software organization can optimize their real-time system development process using CMM.This article introduces real-time system and CMM firstly, and then studies how to apply CMM to real-time system development, to manage and improve software process. (1) First of all, this article improves the software life cycle of real-time system, base on the thinking of software process management. (2) Then, this article tries to integrate with CMM and the software life cycle of real-time system. That is, this article will set up a frame that combines KPA(Key Process Area) in CMM with software life cycle of real-time system. In this frame, every phase in software life cycle of real-time system will link to some K.PA, so that the software organizations can manage and improve real-time system development with CMM in effect. (3) This article also attempts to improve CMM to make it suitable for actual development process. (4) In last chapter, this article studies a case of real-time system, the automobile's navigation system. During this system's development, the way of applying CMM to development is practiced, managed and improved every develop phases in software life cycle, and got an excellent effect at last.
Keywords/Search Tags:CMM, Real-time System, Software Process, Software Life Cycle
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