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Design And Development Of Application Integration Platform Based On The Saas Model

Posted on:2010-08-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J L HeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2198330332987783Subject:Computer technology
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SaaS (Software as a Service) model is a new way of software providing, it's appearance has poured the new strength into the information development of small and medium-sized enterprises. With the informationization of the large-scale enterprise is developing in depth direction, the small and medium-sized enterprises,as the supply chain of large-scale enterprises in upstream and downstream are inadequate of information technology, and has an disadvantage impact on their supply chain management. It is difficult to promote the informationization of small and medium-sized enterprises, the mainly reason is they cannot afford the high cost to purchase and maintain the hardware & software. in order to develop small and medium-sized enterprises not only to build healthy growth environment for the growth but also we must solve the problem of inadequate resources in human and financial. SaaS gives them a chance to save the cost based on change from self-owned mode to host-leased mode. Thus there have the chance to decrease the one-time hardware and software investment and the maintenance costs. Based on SaaS model, I study and design the application integration platform for the relevant modules. The paper provide a design ideas for small and medium-sized enterprises to design a shared model of application integration platform.Firstly,paper introduces the small and medium-sized enterprises which face the status quo in the process of informatization, and bring out the concept of SaaS models,details of SaaS models and relevant technology trends. In view of small and medium scale enterprises are lack of finance and technongy,paper bring out the overall framework of application integration platform.Papers focus on the application integration platform, the core technology - multi-tenant application technology, and study it deeply to determine the functional requirements and solution route.we propose the startup methods, and resource sharing models of multi-tenant technology. To the system's realization, using the open source framework, RESTLET,to achieve user authentication at one time and realize single sign-on, complete the integration of resources which is scattered in different applications. The modules of service-integrated-middleware is realized by REST and SPRING which are open source framework. This module's mainly function is transmit the messages among the different systems on the AIP(the application integration platform). Page-integrated module, through the function which is supplied by Apache Web server and a set of rule about page's integration and development, to integrate the different pages which belong to different application into one page easily. The application integration platform based on SaaS model is designed to provide the software resources to corporate customers through the network in form of rent, Design of the application integration platform provide a theoretical knowledge and technical line for the multi-tenant to share the hardware & software. the platform also provides the architecture of PaaS model for to develop the SaaS furthermore.
Keywords/Search Tags:Application Integration, SaaS model, multi-tenant, single-instance
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