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The Middle Of The Northern Qilian Namurian Early Strata And Their Flora

Posted on:2004-04-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J W ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2190360095457586Subject:Paleontology and stratigraphy
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This text systematically described an Carboniferous system section located in Jiadao, Bandiegou of Yongchang county in Gansu Provence, and compared the Geologic strata of Namurian age in the section in detials with the Standard section of Jinyuan formation in Ciyao region,and analyes the sedimentariology character reasonablely.Next step,this text described the Yongchang plants of Namurian age found in the section in the layer of the 2-4 in details,recorded the Yongchang flora 16 genus 35 species,discussd the botany character, geology ages etc. of the plants in details,according to the characteristic of the flora, also with the comparion of other related flora found in the country, making sure that the flora is a typical Namurian age plants of China.On the basis of this analysis, the author proceeded the overview to earlier period of Namurian age flora in China, pointing out the position of current plants in the Namurian age plants in our country: It seems that the current flora is one of the early Namurian age flora lies in the west of North Qilian mountain and contains the most species of its kinds. Then also proceeded the verification to the migration direction of the Neuropteris and Linopteris at the same time, clarified the research meaning of the current flora finally.Firstly, it has certain leading meaning for thorough research the origins of China plants.Secondly,provided the new proof again for the migration research of the plants.Finally, this research, further enriched the contents of the our country Namurian age flora, as to it's characteristic we have a deeper cognition.The full text is divided into totally six chapter, roughly more than 40,000 words,8 diagram version.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jiadao,Bandiegou, Namurian period, Yongchang flora, former China flora
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