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The Research And Application Of The Tax Precise Management Based On Business Intelligence Technology

Posted on:2010-09-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360275477561Subject:Business Administration
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Taxation are an important source of revenue,the Inland Revenue on behalf of the State Department as a function of the implementation of tax agencies,is more responsible.In recent years,with the deepening of market economy,the environment,objects,methods, means of tax management so profound changes.How to adapt to the new environment,in the face of new challenges,apart from the Inland Revenue Department should strengthen its internal management,the also require the use of high-tech science and technology,change management approach,the full implementation of the more scientific and precise tax management.In recent years,Business Intelligence technology get widespread development,so the advanced management concepts and efficient technical means of business intelligence will provide strong support to implement the more scientific and precise tax management.Based on the above ideas,first of all this paper introduced the tax scientific and precise management philosophy,and proposed measures to deepen the tax administration through an analysis of the current situation of management,namely,promoting the construction of tax informationization,and deepening the economic analysis of tax revenue, and strengthening tax assessment.In order to ensure the effective implementation of these measures,this article brings the concept of business intelligence,and proposed the architecture and design ideas of building the revenue data analysis system based on business intelligence through through business intelligence-related technologies,as well as the needs of revenue management decision-making analysis,then expounded data specification,data extraction,the subject domain,as well as the logic model of the design in detail and given the examples of the application.In this paper,results of research in the following three aspects:1,design and implement a revenue analysis system based on BI technologyThrough a centralized business data analysis,the tax system can track analysis the tax-related information of all taxpayers,and provide a reference object to tax assessment and tax inspection;The tax administrators can query and analysis of day-to-day monitoring; The leaders of the tax authorities can make a variety of macro-analysis and prediction,and develope more effective tax plan.2,design a flexible and scalable data warehouse logical modelAccording the framework of Tax application system,it can divide into five subject domain by the data organizing of data warehouse,a more multi-dimensional analysis of the theme is established in order to support the five subject domain and solve practical problems.Then topics in the domain of data warehouse design is completed on the basis of completion all the detailed logic design topic of the data warehouse.3,the design and implement a number of important OLAP analysis modelsThe focus of the current BI technology is OLAP,OLAP analysis is based on the multi-dimensional model,so multi-dimensional modeling of OLAP technology is studied deeply in this paper.Through a study for an in-depth study of the basic principles and basic methods of multi-dimensional modeling of OLAP technology,it set up a number of OLAP analysis models of aiming at the characteristics of data sources,as well as the needs of the Revenue Department.Through these analysis model we can see about the comprehensive survey of all aspects of the level of tax collection and management,in order to provide targets for the tax assessment and the case of tax inspection and a reliable basis for decision making for the leadership at all levels of tax authorities.
Keywords/Search Tags:the scientific and precise tax management, business intelligence, tax analysis system, data warehouse, data mining, OLAP
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