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The Effect Analysis Of The Enterprise Business Intelligence

Posted on:2009-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Hence business intelligence (BI) sweeps the country like a cyclone, its concept comes into people's mind just like willow catkins flying in the air. But it's a popular phenomenon that quite a lot of people in the IT industry have very superficial understanding of BI and are far from actual understanding of the value of BI because BI is still at the transform phase between the beginning period and the development period. Actually Today's challenging business environment calls for an enterprise data warehouse approach that integrates and standardizes information from within the enterprise and from outside the enterprise, and it serves as an information hub for internal and external information consumers. BI is absolutely necessary in the development and application of e-commerce and e-governance (referred to "software engineering"). So what on earth is the real value of BI? BI can change the course of how an enterprise operates and can keep an organization afloat in difficult times. BI elements can be used to discover trends and information that "normal" thinking would not have disclosed.On the other hands, how does one get from "flailing" to spectacular success? Needless to say, your business has to be viable and in a position to increase profitability and implement changes. The heart of any BI success story begins with the corporate "intent" in implementing BI. Sometimes, a firm just gets lucky and discovers that increasing the level of information flow has a positive effect on the business. In most cases, many end users feel warmer and fuzzier because they are getting more information but could not begin to tell you whether it has changed the bottom line.The author of this paper has longterm experience in data warehousing, reporting, and analytic applications in ERP, BI project. His perspective on BI management comes from years of implementing the product and working with our development teams on enhancing the offering. He will deeply analyse the questions of enterprise BI implementing and enterprise's achievement in the following paper.
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