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Data Mining Technique Application Study On Logistics System

Posted on:2009-06-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y KangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360278972104Subject:Computer applications
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With the extensive use of database, the scale of it expands quickly. It is necessary to analyze these data and explore valuable information from them. Data mining technique acheieves this target .Data mining is a process people can abstract information and knowledge from a great deal of data which is incomplete,noisy,dark and random.The information and knowledge we got was ignored and had not been known befor but potentianlly useful.Association rule mining has become a hot research topic in recent years,and it has been used widely in selective marketing,decision analysis and business management.Association rule mining algrithms are the core contents in the area. So far, there are several famous typical algorithms.This article introduced the definition and the main technologies of Data Mining at first, then described the association rules mining theory and the algorithm in detail, and optimize the Apriori algorithm.algorithm, in order to validate the validity of the optimizing algorithm in this article,the modified algorithm is used in logistic management system, based on theory and research of association rules.The test result shows the validity of this algorithm。The main work of this article represents in following two aspects:The first, this article had made the comprehensive analysis to the classics Apriori algorithm.Aiming at the deficiency of Apriori algorithm, this article has adopted one optimized.It scans the database only once, and puts data in the database into different array vectors, based on the properties of Association Rule ,this algorithm compresses the scanned transactions and items, improves join process,it also uses a one dimensional array to count candidate 2-items in the database,and it avoids mass generation of candidat 2-itemset ,solves the traditional bottlenecks problems about candidate2-itemset effectively.compared with traditional Apriori algorithm,this algorithm has obvious improvement in efficiency.The second, this article had designed and realized Logistic Management System, applied the optimization method of Apriori algorithm to the system,used association rules mining whose objects are the sale and delivery data recording of the company,and found the question of relations between company name,goods types,season and destination, or relations between driver,goods types,destination and damage rate, and analyzed the association rules which had produced.
Keywords/Search Tags:Data Mining, support, confidence, candidate itemset, association rules, frequent itemset, Apriori algorithm
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