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Recursive Fixed Memory Generalized Least Squares Method And Simulation Research A Kind Of Management Designation Of Automobile Electronic Products Malfunction Auto-detect System

Posted on:2010-10-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275978120Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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Recursive Fixed Memory Generalized Least Squares Method and Simulation ResearchThe least squares method is used for parameter identification on developing, static, linear and nonlinear system. The least squares method is simple and practicable, and its recursive algorithm converging and reliable, while equation error is white noise the estimation results is unbiased, consistent and effective. So it is used very extensively. When identified model noise is complicated noise model, the least squares method estimated results is not unbiased or consistently. The recursive algorithm appears saturated phenomenon of data followed by data increasing, which causes it losing amendatory ability slowly. Recursive Generalized Least Squares method resolves the problem that estimated results unbiased and consistency when noise is coloring, but leaves the saturated phenomenon of data. In the paper, recursive algorithm of the Recursive Generalized Least Squares method is combined with fixed memory length, so the Recursive Fixed Memory Generalized Least Squares method is obtained. It resolves the problem that saturated phenomenon of data. Simulated result has indicated algorithmic validity of RFMGLS.A Kind of Management Designation of Automobile Electronic Products Malfunction Auto-detect SystemThe auto-detect method is proposed based on the circuit function according to the characteristics of automotive electronics in this article, which its designed mind advanced and availability generally. In order to resolve single Shan labor place job , improve the detecting ability further and realize detecting platform escalates all-round, so the management designation of detecting platform is designed specially. In the designing progress, Visual C++ language has been used for creating operation interface and SQL Server 2000 database has been used for managing and summarizing dates of the system. Moreover, ADO technology has been used for linking the database in the exploitation environment of Visual C++. By making use of the systematic interface operation, all dates of auto-detect platform can be added, deleted, inquired and printed conveniently. Such, all single job labor places are contacted in an overall right away and their production, management and other movements are leaded by one lead plane of computer.
Keywords/Search Tags:fixed memory, Generalized Least Squares Method, parameter identification, recursive algorithm, electronic products auto-detect platform, Visual C++, SQL Server 2000, ADO technology
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