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Research On Processing Technology Of Query By Humming

Posted on:2010-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275465963Subject:Computer application technology
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With the rapid development and widely popularity of Internet technology and digital equipment, there has been a tremendous increase in the amount of multimedia. This has caused the information contained in audio music, which is an important part of multimedia data, to expand greatly. The traditional music retrieval system, which is based on the text, can't meet the needs of music retrieval. How to retrieval the audio music information effectively is a significant research subject in modern information retrieval field.Content Based Music Retrieval techniques manage the music information in the new views. It searches the information by the melody, lyrics, pitch and so on. Query by humming, which is one of the techniques, has a bright application prospect. Such as music quickness retrieval, self-training of singers and helping composers to memorize music composition. So query by humming music retrieval technique might become one of core technology in the next generation of music retrieval.The model of query by humming music retrieval contains three parts: the features extraction of humming music, melody representation and melody matching. This paper mainly discusses as follows:Firstly, it introduces time-domain and frequency-domain characters of speech signals, and describes properties and elements of music, and then draws a conclusion that to recognize a piece of music depends on its melody. Through the discussion about music melody representation, the fluctuation of music melody and digital has naturally compatibility with each other, so it's a good advantage to use numerical sequences to represent music melody.Secondly, the paper proposed a method, which combines the wavelet analysis with the autocorrelation function, to extract the base frequency from the humming music. Considering different fundamental frequency domain between male and female, this paper designs different weighted coefficient, and obtains different smooth melody contours.Thirdly, DTW algorithm, which combines with time warping and distance measure calculation, is a kind of nonlinear warping technology. It calculates the distance between two vectors to seek the optimal matching path uninterruptedly. While using DTW algorithm simply, it needs much time cost. In the melody matching, the improved music melody matching algorithm is presented. While carrying through music melody matching based on DTW algorithm,need to transit the tone of humming signal needs to be transited to the target one compared with in order to make out DTW's real values. It is also used as the criteria of similarity. But just because of using this kind of transition, the calculation by this algorithm increases a lot. In this paper one kind of music melody representation irrespective with tone is presented. While carrying through the DTW algorithm, it can avoid the up and down transition of tone and also reduce the calculation of melody matching.Finally, we designed a system model of query by humming in music retrieval, analyzed the result of various modules'experiment, and proved effectiveness of the proposed methods.
Keywords/Search Tags:music melody, pitch interval, linear scaling, melody matching, dynamic time warping
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