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The Application And Preparation Craft Of The Photonic Crystal Fiber(PCF)

Posted on:2009-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360272487114Subject:Electronics and Communications Engineering
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This article has studied the photonic crystal fiber(PCF)'s conduction characteristic as well as the preparation craft, has carried on the analysis to the PCF's structure at the theory and experiment. This article first elaborated the PCF's development process, and has analyzed the domestic and foreign PCF's development level as well as each kind of fiber's practical application effect. Has conducted the research to the PCF band gap theory. We have carried on the massive craft experiment. As the PCF has the characteristics of"endless"single-mode, strange dispersion, high birefringence, which the common fiber does not have, PCF will certainly bring a brand-new development space to the fibre communication and relevance field. The main research content includes:1.The PCF's conduction characteristic has been researched. First researched PCF with hexagon air hole structure, based on this has developed the photosensitive PCF. Inducted some theoretical analysis methods using analyze the PCF.2. We have carried on the massive experiment in the PCF's production process. Researched miniature quartz unit's processing, prefabricated stick's assembling craft, the clean craft, the wiredrawing craft, regarding the PCF thoroughly. Simultaneously we have studied the thermal field distribution of wiredrawing furnace body, coating craft of the PCF, the test technology of the PCF and so on.3.We also developed another kind of PCF which has preferable ultra continuous spectrum. through after some experiment, It can be proved that this kind of PCF can satisfy the requirement of fiber amplifier. This kind of PCF provided the powerful material support for the fiber amplifier's further development.4. In the PCF's application on the optoelectronic apparatus, we mainly studied the application on fiber grating. And elaborated the PCF grating's guide light mechanism and application. The photosensitive PCF which independently developed by my institute has been written the diffraction grating, the experimental result meet user requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Photonic crystal fiber, photonic bandgap, fiber grating, birefringence, preparation craft of the photonic crystal fiber
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