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High Speed And High Precision Galvanometer Laser Marking System Solutions Based On DSP

Posted on:2008-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360272468009Subject:Communication and Information System
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Laser marking is a new laser material processing technology applied widely in recent years. Laser marking is a technology that combines laser technology with computer technology. Compare to conventional marking methods, it has lots of distinct advantages, such as fast speed, low cost, no pollution and so on. Because of its high response speed, galvanometer-based optical scanners laser marking machines is becoming the mainstream and the develop direction of laser marking machines.The speed and precision of marking are the most important factors of galvanometer-based laser marking system, with the design of the control board directly affects these two factors. I grasp the working principal of galvanometer-based laser marking system and present a new system solution based on PC and DSP platform in this paper.In this system, PC provides operation interface and has the ability of sending instructions. PC communicates with DSP control board through PCI bus. DSP takes charge of data processing, while D/A convertor converts digital signals to analog signals. This design method alleviates CPU's load and makes the system achieving the real-time performance.In this paper, I present the hardware system design scheme first. Second, I introduce the main technologies and main chips'selection. Third, I explicate hardware design of every module on the control board. Then, I summarize the system design difficulties and give the solutions.Finally, I list the testing data of marking speed and precision indicators and give the marking samples.This research has stated practicalities value on the problem how to improve marking efficiency and quality. This kind of control board has a beautiful future.
Keywords/Search Tags:DSP, D/A convertor, laser marking system, control system, high speed, high precision
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