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Theoretical And Experimental Investigation Of Four Wave Mixing In The Dispersion Shifted Fiber

Posted on:2008-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B S WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360245992761Subject:Optical Engineering
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All fiber sources of entangled photons are promising tools to improve the performance of quantum communication system due to the inherent compatibility with the existent fiber network and the very low loss when coupling with the fiber system. Not only can the fiber sources increase the Single Noise Ratio (SNR), but also can extend the distance of quantum communication. Thus, the fiber-based source of entangled photons is desirable. However, observing the remarkable classical gain of four wave mixing (FWM) in the fiber is the first step to achieve such a source. With the advantages of the mature technology and the low price, the dispersion shifted fiber (DSF) becomes the preferred nonlinear medium for developing the fiber sources. The thesis focus on the study of FWM in DSF from the experimental and theoretical aspects, which would be the foundation to develop a fiber-based source of entangled photons.Calculating and observing the gain of FWM in DSF are the main work of the thesis. After simulating the gain of FWM by using single pump and double pumps, respectively, experimental observation of FWM gain is demonstrated by pumping a nonlinear Sagnac fiber loop with laser pulses. The following is the main content of the thesis:1. After a brief review of dispersion and nonlinear characteristics of optical fibers, the basic theory of four-wave mixing is presented, including the origin of the FWM, coupled amplitude equations, phase matching and parametric amplification. Based on the theory, the gain of FWM in 300 m DSF by using single pump and double pumps is calculated, respectively.2. The experimental setup and results of Four-Wave Mixing in 300 m DSF are demonstrated. After describing the key points of the experiment in details, including the experimental principles, the generation of the synchronized pump and signal pulsed, and path matching etc., the experimental results are analyzed and discussed.3. Summary and future work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Four Wave Mixing (FWM), Dispersion Shifted Fiber (DSF), Pulsed Pump
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