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Research And Application On Supply Chain Inventory System Base On ASP Automobile Industry Chain

Posted on:2009-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360245988718Subject:Computer application technology
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Information times is the era of global economy,digital services, personalized consumption,and complicated operating process,fast changing market,and increasing diversified trends.Under such environment,the middle and small scale automotive industry faced wanted many competitors compared to formerly any time.For gains the victory in the competition,the middle and small scale automobile Manufacturing firm must unite on the automotive industry chain's each node enterprise,establishes the close business relation,the economic interest connected economic resource alliance,realizes the survival of the fittest,thus the adaptation socialization big production's environment of competition,strengthens the market competition strength together,achieves goal which wins.Supplies the chain also to expand from the narrow enterprise interior operation flow for during the generalized enterprise the service cooperation. Internet and information technology's widespread application,the coordination electricity commerce becomes the enterprise to enhance the competitive power,to adapt the market competition effective way, each big automobile enterprise in abundance unifies its purchase supply chain and coordination electronic commerce,by overcomes the traditional purchase service through the information technology the malpractice.This article in the analysis extant question's foundation unifies the middle and small scale automotive industry substitute management stock pattern,studied emphatically has suited the middle and small scale automotive industry the coordination purchase operation pattern and its technology solution,and development application.This article chose some Auto manufacturer to take the main investigation and study object,passed through to the investigation and study content induction summary,has obtained the domestic middle and small scale automobile Manufacturing firm in coordination purchase aspect some general character characteristic.This article based on the coordination purchase's implication,automotive industry's coordination purchase operation pattern refinement is two stratification planes:Namely the enterprise purchases the internal coordination,the enterprise to purchase the exterior coordination. And the automotive industry enterprise purchased the internal coordination in the past's transformation already to consummate through the ERP system's management,but under the automobile Manufacturing firm exterior coordination pattern union supply chain management pattern's supplier stock management conducted the research, has realized the substitute management stock information coordination.The XML data file is one kind has nothing to do with the platform, has the formidable extension and versatile saves the text document. XML has become the public data model which isomerism relational database transforms.The system designs the aspect alternately in the substitute management inventory system,uses may realize in the enterprise,external system's good information based on the XML data interactive technology to be interactive.Simultaneously may expand to the different database system's enterprise is similarly suitable. Thus has broken the enterprise interior independent movement ERP system and the outside information interactive barrier.Not only this article discussed the middle and small scale automotive industry implementation substitute management stock information coordination operation pattern,simultaneously has discussed the coordination purchase operation flow.Compares with the original operation flow,enhanced the flow to carry out the efficiency largely, reduced the inventory cost.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain Inventory, XML, heterogeneous data, sources integrate
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