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Design And Development Of The Manufacturing Resources Integration Management System Of Digital Shops

Posted on:2008-07-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360215993404Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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The digital manufacture has developed rapidly and has been widelyapplied in modern manufacture industries. Though it has brought us manygreat benefits, it has caused many new problems. Because of the reasonthat the mass datas are accumulated in many years and the software andhardware cannot be integrated very well, the manufacture enterprise areoften facing some problems, such as, how can we integrate thesemanaging datas and the environment such that they can be used by theinterrelated people and software in manufacturing process. Therefore, it isof both theorical significance and practical values for us to develop themanufacture resources integration management system of digitalworkshops.With the rapid development of the network technology, the networkmanufacture technology of the modern integrated manufacturing systemcan be a good solution to the problem of overall system's integration.Based on a factory's actual situation in Xi'an, the outdated managementschemes and the low information integration grade in the present manufacturing industry motivate us to propose a new manufactureresource management system in this thesis for the cutting tool and theequipment subsystem by using the network manufacture technology andthe JAVA programming language. The designed management system hasbeen successfully applied in the factory in Xi'an. The main work andcontributions of this thesis are listed as follows:1. A short survey is given to introduce some detailed techniques inthe networked manufacting, such as, the marking of the manufactureresources, graph DNC and CAD/CAM/CAPP and so on.2. Based on the information model of digital manufacture process,we analyze the detailed organization modes and the information flow ofthe manufacture workshop. A detailed mode that conforms to theindividuality requirement is established based on the the typical mode ofthe digital workshop.3. Based on the design mode of the digital workshop, the attentionof this thesis is focused on the analysis and design of the manufactureresource management system that is extremely important. Based on thedemand analysis of the manufacture resource management system, thedesign methods are propsed for the manufacture resources integrationmanagement system.4. Under the consideration of the design mode of the manufactureresources integration management system, we have analysed the cutting tool and the equipment subsystem in detail. Based on the actual demandof the cutting tool and the equipment, we present the correspondingdesign scheme, and have realized these two subsystems.Finally, on the basis of summing up the work in this thesis, somecomments are presented on the open problems and further researchdirections.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network manufacture, digital workshop, integration, manufacture resources integration management system, cutting tool, equipment
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