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An Algorithms Study And Implementation For Error-Resilient Video Transmission

Posted on:2007-07-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z B ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360212485371Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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The high bit error and burst error of the wireless channel are the important challenge for a good meida service deliver over wreless environment. For a real-time media application over wireless, the strict restrict of the packet retransmission makes the chanllenge more significant. In this case, the existing research conclusion shows that a well-designed error resilience technology can supply effective guarantee for the QoS of the media real-time service. And how to design the error resilience system has become the hot area of the error-control research.In our paper, we study the key skill of the existing error resilience technology with the new video encoding standard, the H.264 standard. And, we suggest a novel error resilience method using the period SP coded frame. In this method, period SP coded frames are used to stop the error propagation. The carefully selected of the Long-term/short-term reference frames for the SP coded frames can take an adaptive error control with a low overhead.After that, we find that our method may get a high encoding bit-rate when the error rate is much high in the wireless channel, and it has bad R-D performance in the very low bit-rate application. Our paper suggests an improved error resilience method based on the period SP coded macroblock aming these problems。We improve the Rate-Distortion Optimization Model in the Mode Decision, and suggest a new Rate-Distortion Optimization methord which can decide the SP/P macroblock encoding mode automaticly.At last, this paper concludes the principles and hints for the full optimized streaming application over DSP, and gives the analysis and skills about the implemention of our method on DSP platform.
Keywords/Search Tags:Error Resilience, H.264, SP coded Frame/Macroblock, Mode Decision, Rate-Distortion Optimization
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