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Case Retrieve And Reuse Based On CBR Facing To Enterprise-Process-Diagnosis

Posted on:2007-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J D YouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360185985650Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS) is a complicated people-machine-interactive system. It is an effective method for every enterprise to improve its capability of competing and make the information manufacturing come true. As an important part of CIMS, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has made more and more enterprises focused on its efficiency during the implementation. It is a necessary process to optimize the exsit business process. And to diagnose the business process is a part of the optimization, which directly contributes to the efficiency of the implementation of ERP, even decides the success or failure of it. Therefore adopting computer to assistant the analysis and management of the enterprise variant data and diagnosing variant issues in the enterprise operation, and besidely, it provides sustaining information about decision-making correspondingly for the manager. Consequently, it is a research with profound significance.CBR (Case-based reasoning) is a new artificial intelligence method, it solves new problems by retrieving records of similar past problem solving episodes and adaptation the prior solutions to fit the current situation.By analyzing the strongpoint and the disadvantages of existing enterprise process diagnosis method, the paper puts forward the case-based reasoning enterprise diagnosis method according to the enterprise manufacture and management process, it has used professional knowledge as assistant regulation to improve the diagnostic correctness.Researched on the enterprise process management theory and method. Analyzed the exsit enterprise process analizing and diagnosing method. With a view of enterprise process diagnosing, this paper discussed CBR carefully. Researched on the match method of the enterprise process diagnose based on case based reasoning, adapting the process structure match as the focus. This paper implemented the enterprise process's structure match and semantic match as introduced below. First, by analyzing the process modeling methods, described the enterprise business process, described the structure of the process case, classified the cases based on the research of classify and index method.
Keywords/Search Tags:CBR, Enterprise Process Diagnosing, case retrieval, Process Structure Similarity, Process Semantics Simlarity
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