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Research Of Measure Technology On Embedded Iron Concentration In Water

Posted on:2006-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360155977190Subject:Computer application technology
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According to the requirement of real time and continue detection of iron ions concentration in water injection of oil field, the subject designed a kind of mini-colorimeter sensor and detector on the basis of photoelectric detecting technology. The instrument has some functions such as data collecting, real-time displaying, data dealing with, print, and realized monitoring continuously and automatically. At first, the dissertation discussed the detecting principle of system simply, and introduced the way of detecting iron ions sulphur cyanic acid absorbance luminosity method and Lambert-beer law, and the procedure of iron ions detecting. Subsequently, the dissertation introduced the hardware circuit of system in particular, which has five parts: the MCU control board, mini-colorimeter,automatic titration device , replacing and removing liquor device and stirring device. Emphatically, the dissertation expounded the MCU control board and mini-colorimeter. The mini-colorimeter is the device of data collecting which plays an important role in measurement precision. To overcome the appliance's error and the disturbance of nature light and other lights, we use the light bulb as lamp-house, silicon photocell as light detector, and dual lamp-house. At the same time, we used protel to design the hardware circuit map.  Using C51 advanced computer language to design the software of the micro controller, and using QTH emulator as compiler which was developed by QI DONG company. The compiler can overcome much previous disadvantages such as low efficiency, long code, low execution speed. It also overcome much disadvantage of using crabbed assemble language, and increase work efficiency in a large extent. At last, the dissertation introduces the equipment of experimentation, the procedure and conclusion of experimentation. Indicating by the experimentation, the system has the stable capability, measurement precision which have reached the anticipate requirement, and has a good practical future.
Keywords/Search Tags:mini-colorimeter, iron ions concentration, micro-controller, monitoring on-line
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