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Software Technology Research On High-speed And High-precision Motion Control System

Posted on:2005-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K F HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360152467428Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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Motion control is a common technical basis of automation in industry, the target pursued of which is high-speed and high-precision (HSHP), so the development of research of HSHP motion control system is significant. Therefore, this paper focuses on study for motion control method, and gets good control performance by using software. The following is the main content.The structure of asynchronous interpolation is put forward, by which there is no more strict synchronization between interpolation and position control. So interpolation is more flexible than before. So far as the size of data buffer is set rationally, CPU can do more complex calculation, and so effective forecast for motion path can be fulfilled. When machining workpieces with complicated surfaces, surface direct interpolation is used, that will reduce program information and improve machining accuracy. And the interpolation algorithm for a third-order B-spline curve, widely used in machining surfaces, is improved to work faster, so the real-time property of this algorithm can be ensured better.S-shape acceleration/deceleration control is introduced in the system, which is much flexible, to avoid any shock produced in motion as possible. And a discussion is made in optimization and smoothness of motion path as well.Proportional and feed-forward compound position control is used to reduce the position tracking error, and higher precision of position control can be get as a result.The software function of motion control system is investigated, and the key software module is presented. On the basis of two level interpolation (rough and fine interpolation), an algorithm for subdivision of the result is put forward to get the system run more smoothly.The main software structures of the control system are described, and the system software is integrated into the prototype of High-speed and High-precision motion control system successfully.
Keywords/Search Tags:Motion Control, NC System, S-shape Curve, High-speed Interpolation
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