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The Microsoft Solution Frame (MSF) Based Software Process Improvement And It's Application In The Development Of A Game

Posted on:2005-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360152465542Subject:Software engineering
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Software is a kind of important resource. It's quality influences the user's performance directly. The quality of the software arouses more and more attention from people with the flourishing development of the software industry. It is the main content of software's quality research to reflect and control the state of software's quality. Under such a quality security system the software process improved is put forward. It's including CMM capability maturity models; ISO9001 authentication and MSF Microsoft's solution frame etc. Today the problem of the game software's quality has become the topic that people care about progressively. People begin to study "software project" and "the game software process improved". This paper applies MSF software process improved to the manufacture course of the game. It can improve the software course ability of the game, improve the quality of the game software and improve the efficiency of software enterprises.This paper researched some basic frame about the software process improved, analyzed the current situation and basic problem about software process improved, discussed the basic criterion of CMM capability maturity model and introduced the principle,structure of MSF Microsoft's solution frame including group model, course model, project management criterion, risk management criterion in detail. In the special software such as the game I have done proper improvement to MSF with some basic criterion principles of CMM and applied it to the real software's manufacture course. Finally I narrated the whole game manufacture's course as PM. It has proved the feasibility that applied MSF to the game's development through the project practice and has stridden forward one step for exploring game's soft engineering.
Keywords/Search Tags:Software Process Improved, Capability Maturity Model, Microsoft's Solution Frame, PM
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