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All-solid-state Optical Parameter Laser And Polarization Of Optical Super-lattices

Posted on:2005-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of modern optics, more and more requirement is demanded in laser. One of the best ways in widening the wavelength of laser is nonlinear-conversion. Quasi-phase-matching method solves the problem witch regular phase-matching can't do, and it widens the coverage of nonlinear-crystal, for it has the such advantages, interaction is incurred through the largest element of the x (2) tensor; the period of optical super lattice can be designed randomly relying on requirement; and any interaction can be matched without walk off angle; improving the efficiency of frequency conversion. Quasi-phase-matching has becoming a hot pursuit of research recent years with the development of diode-pumped solid-state laser, which provides an ideal pump source for it. So it has been becoming one of researching focus on nonlinear material and solid-state laser. High efficiency and convenient of diode-pumped laser with quasi-phase-matching method has becoming a tendency of developing compact all-solid-state lasers. Diode-pumped PPLN parametric oscillator laser can realize tunable output, which can be used in such areas, military resistance, environment monitor, medical and spectrum, etc. Another direction of quasi-phase-matching is the design and poled of the crystal. In most method of the crystal poled, high voltage is been used widely. The method can lower the difficult and the cost. And it can realize the block poled, so the aperture can be extended, high frequency efficient. In this thesis, we study the quasi-phase-matching optical parameter oscillate. And we discuss the relation between the period and wavelength, period and temperature. Last we introduce the poled method and poled experiment. In this thesis, the main contents are following:1 Reviewing the theory of nonlinear frequency conversion, analyzing the difference between phase matching and quasi-phase-matching. And we explain the developmentprocess and the tendency.2. Introducing the sort of tunable lasers, and expounding the principle and apply worth, tendency of OPO & QPM-OPO.3. Introducing the superiority of the all-solid-state laser. We got 1064nm through passively Q-switched laser diode end-pumped Nd:YVO4 laser. Determine the output-power, analyze the influence of the thermal lens to output power and the oscillator. On this basic, we analyze the quality of the passively Q-switched laser diode end-pumped Nd:YVO4 /Cr44:YAG laser.4. Give a simple introduction on parameter laser, calculate the period of the PPLN. Then analyze the relation between the wavelength and period, temperature and wavelength. In experiment, 1064nm pumped multi-periods PPLN-OPO was demonstrated, and tunable wavelength were got. In this experiment we get to tunable output on frequency up-transmission and low-transmission.5. Discuss the reversion and the structure of the domain, give several method to produce poled-period optical-super-lattice. Last, we calculate the parameter on polarization experiment and do experiment imitation.
Keywords/Search Tags:All-solid-state laser, diode-laser pumped, quasi-phase-matching, optical-super lattice, PPLN-OPO, period tuning, high voltage polarization
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