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Research On Method Of Spatial Relation Based Image Retrieval

Posted on:2003-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360065955062Subject:Communication and Information System
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As technologies of qomputer are widely applied, and technologies of computer combine with other technology of field relating, the fields of publishing industry, medical and related health professions and architectural and engineering design produce lots of digital image respectively every day. These images are precious resources. How to make fully use of these plenty of resources and how to easily get information we are interested in is a must solution. It is a question of image retrieval. The classical method of text-based retrieval is not suitable for image retrieval. Therefore, method of content-based image retrieval is widely studied. In this thesis, we present a method of image retrieval. We study from several aspects, which include:1. We represent image with topology relation, project relationand angle relation. And we present their definition respectively.2. We present distance definition between each spatial relationrespectively.3. The effect of translation, scale and rotation is analyzed.4. The number of common object between query image anddatabase image is considered.5. A formulation counting similar degree between two images ispresented. A retrieval algorithm based on spatial relations among image objects is implemented.6. Weight is added to retrieval algorithm. All kinds of users aresatisfied with query result through adjusting weight of spatial relation.7. A system of image retrieval based on spatial relation isimplemented. A comparison with other method is presentedtoo.Content-based image retrieval is a very new research field; therefore its retrieval method is not mature. How to make the image retrieval system works as accurately as mankind do (namely reasonably selecting the characteristics of the image) has much room to be studied further.
Keywords/Search Tags:Content based image retrieval, Spatial relation, Topology relation, Project relation, Angle relation, Measurement of similarity
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