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Study On The Geograpnical Composition Of The Flora Of Woody Garden Plants In Anyang City

Posted on:2007-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2120360218962069Subject:Agricultural extension
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Anyang city is a very important city in the north of Henan province(35°12'~36°22' N,113°37'~114°58' E),its area is 7,413 square kilometer,and it is the junction of Shanxi,Shanxi,Shandong and Henan provinces.Based on the anterior plentiful investigation and literatures referred,the geographical composition and the characteristics of the woody garden plants flora in Anyang city were studied,and its flora speciality was also analyzed at the family, genera and species level respectively.The results were as followings:1.The woody garden floristics is abundance in Anyang city.In this region there are 350species,131 genera and 56 families of garden plants,which includes 23species, 10 genera and 6 families of gymnospermae and 327species,121 genera and 50 families of angiospermae,and there are 323species,119 genera and 49 families of dicotyledon and 4species,2 genera and 1 families of monocotyledon among the angiospermae.2.The dominant families are the rosebush,devilwood,pine,cypress,legumina, elm,poplar and willow,maple,magnolia and honeysuckle,etc.3.The most of the woody garden plants belong to temperate zone type,some belong to subtropical zone types but less.The flora characteristic of woody garden plants flora in Anyang city is temperate zone type,and it belongs to the North-China flora,however,it has some characteristics of subtropical and tropical types,due to its geographical location at the south edge of temperate zone,which is the transition zone from the temperate zone to subtropical zone.4.There are lot of plants types which were introduced from the abroad and the south China among the woody garden plants in Anyang city.The native virescence plants would be enrichand by these exotic types,however,the growth status of these exotic types and the effects to the ecosystem by them should be observed much.5.Anyang city is close to Taihang mountain,there are abundant of vegetable resources in this place,and many of them could be developed as local virescence plants resources,thus,we suggested that the aboriginal species should be first taken into account when we configure the garden plant resources in Anyang city.
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