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Construction And Application Of Dark Field Plasmon Microspectral Imaging System

Posted on:2022-02-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1488306728485564Subject:Electronic Science and Technology
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Local surface plasmon resonance(LSPR)is an important characteristic of noble metal nanoparticles and a research hotspot.Noble metal nanoparticles are widely used in the fields of physical chemistry and life sciences,such as biomedical diagnosis,heavy metal ion detection,aptamer-ligand dynamics and so on.As one of the important characterization equipment of the nano sensor,dark field microscopy(DFM)has the functions of single particle scattering hyperspectral reconstruction and imaging,and has gradually become an important scientific research platform and basic equipment in this field.This topic comes from the general project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the national public joint training project.In this study,the incident wavelength modulation dark field microspectral imaging system is constructed and optimized.Using this system,the related theories and applications of artificial intelligence(AI)and dark field combination,electron transfer and equilibrium coverage fluctuation(ECF)are studied.The details are as follows:Firstly,the incident wavelength modulated DFM is constructed,debugged,calibrated and optimized.Firstly,the engineering technology supporting theory of the software and hardware of the system are introduced;Then,the dark field spectral imaging system is debugged,and the basic functions of dark field imaging and spectral detection are realized.Then,based on the signal system theory,the system is strictly corrected and optimized theoretically and experimentally.This study has certain guiding significance and application value for the self-made dark field microscope system in the laboratory.Secondly,the plasmon parameters are designed and predicted by combining artificial intelligence(AI)and DFM.The structure of deep learning neural network is constructed,and the neural network is trained with the simulated spectrum of boundary element method(BEM)as the data set.Combined with the measured DFM spectra,the relevant parameters of gold nanospheres and rods are predicted.The research shows that AI provides a new idea for the technical optimization of dark field system,the design guidance of nano particle synthesis and the detection method of sensing application.Thirdly,the electron transfer process of nano gold and silver was characterized by dynamic spectral analysis.Based on the self constructed DFM,the electron transfer characteristics between single and double-layer graphene and gold nanospheres,rods,triangles and hexagonal plates of various shapes and sizes are detected;Based on the mechanical scanning dark field system supported by the national study abroad fund committee and the existing foreign research group,the electron transfer characteristics between three sizes of silver nanospheres and quantum dots were detected and analyzed.The results show that recording the timetrace of formant position,FWHM and light intensity through dynamic spectral analysis is an effective method to detect electron transfer in unstable plasmon systems(such as oxidation and dissolution of silver nanospheres).In addition,compared with the traditional FWHM detection,detecting the change of scattering intensity is the best choice.This study has reference value for electron transfer detection of monolayer graphene and unstable plasmon system.Fourthly,the ECF kinetics of kanamycin and bovine serum albumin(BSA)are explored and detected.The dynamic theoretical simulation of the fluctuation of aptamer-ligand equilibrium coverage is realized.A curvature analysis method based on power spectral density(PSD)is proposed and tested experimentally.In this study,the theoretical optimization parameter set of ECF was obtained,and relevant experiments are designed and carried out to detect the kinetic parameters of kanamycin m RNA ligand system and BSA & PEG modified gold nanorod system.Through the above research,this paper completes the description of the key technologies of the construction of the dark field system,and carries out a series of related experimental research based on the dark field system.The system construction part of this paper provides reference for the construction of other far-field optical microspectral imaging systems,such as fluorescence super-resolution and single molecule Raman instrument;The application research part provides a reference for the expansion of dark field application.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dark field microspectral system, Local surface plasmon resonance, Electron transfer, Equilibrium coverage fluctuation, Artificial intelligence
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