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The Historical Evolution Of China's Education For The People's Livelihood And The Development Path Of The New Era

Posted on:2019-05-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Education is a major livelihood issue and it is related to the well-being of the people.The improvement of the people's ability to develop,the improvement of the overall quality,and the realization of all-round development goals cannot be separated from the basic supporting role of education.The Communist Party of China has always attached importance to education construction,and has vigorously promoted education as an important part of the people's livelihood construction.After 90 years of development,reform,construction,and reform,education for people's livelihood has achieved significant improvement and significant development.Since the party's 18 th National Congress,the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has complied with the people's yearning for and expectation for educating the people's livelihood.It has adhered to the people-centered development concept and has made the education for the people's satisfaction the goal of the people's livelihood.Comprehensive education reform,vigorously develop the education of the people's livelihood,and promote the historic reform of the education of the people's livelihood,achieved historic achievements,and the people's sense of education gained significantly.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Education is the fundamental way for humanity to inherit civilization and knowledge,train the younger generation,and create a better life." Standing in the historical position of the new era,we continue to meet the increasing needs of the people for educating and educating the people and fully promote the new era.Socialism with Chinese characteristics and the new journey of building a comprehensive socialist modernization country cannot be separated from the function and role of education.The development of the history of mankind shows that strong countries must first educate and the country must first educate.It is imperative to advance education in a national strategy for giving priority to development.We must vigorously develop education and people's livelihood in line with the new requirements of the new era,and take the path of education for developing countries with strong Chinese characteristics..With the socialism with Chinese characteristics entering a new era,China's educational and people's livelihood has also entered a new era.The new era is not only a historic opportunity for China's education,but it also faces many complex and severe challenges such as unbalanced and inadequate.How to solve the problems and contradictions in the development of education for the people's livelihood in the new era,to support the education in the new era and the national strategic goals in the new era,and to adapt to the appeals of the people in the new era have become an urgent problem to be solved.This article is based on the logic of this era.This study is divided into six chapters.The main contents are as follows:The first chapter is the introduction part,which mainly analyzes the background of the development of the people's livelihood of education in our country,the theoretical and practical significance of the topic,and reviews the present situation of our country's education and people's livelihood research,expounds the research ideas,research methods and structural arrangements of this paper,and discusses the possible innovation points and shortcomings of the paper.The second chapter is an analysis of the related concepts of education and the people's livelihood.This chapter mainly defines the connotation of people's livelihood,education and education and people's livelihood,clarifying the objects and categories to be studied,and analyzing the basic characteristics of the people's livelihood on the basis of this,and discussing the functions of the people's livelihood in education,forming the overall framework of the people's livelihood of education,which provide the basic research for the in-depth study of the paper.Knowledge support.The third chapter is the theoretical retroactivity of Marx's theory of education for people's livelihood.In this chapter,from the perspective of the text,according to the historical context of the development of the thought,the theory of Marx's education and the people's livelihood is holistic and refined,and a systematic and clear track of the ideological evolution of the people's livelihood is formed.These studies are helpful to provide theoretical support and guidance for the study,and are the basis and the basis for carrying out this study.According to it.The fourth chapter is the development course of China's education and people's livelihood.Using the method of data analysis and text analysis,this chapter divides the course of the development of education and people's livelihood since the founding of new China into three stages,and studies the basic achievements,main thread and evolution of the people's livelihood in each stage,and outlines the basic framework of the development and changes of the people's livelihood of education in China from the perspective of the whole.To sum up the basic experience and basic rules of China's education for people's livelihood.The fifth chapter is the development dilemma of China's education and people's livelihood in the new era.Based on the historical,structural,accumulative problems and contradictions in Chinese education and the people's livelihood,we should carry out an objective analysis and Study on the historical orientation of the new era,and point out the important problems that need to be solved urgently in the current Chinese education and people's livelihood cause.The sixth chapter is the path choice of developing people's livelihood in the new era.To study the development of the new era of education and people's livelihood under the framework of the modern state,according to the basic idea,key grasp and breakthrough point,from four dimensions of education and people's livelihood,comprehensive reform in the field of education,the strategy of employment oriented education and the construction of teachers' team,the development of the people's livelihood in the new era is put forward.The practical approach to the industry.
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