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Key Technologies And Its Applications Study On CNC System Of High-precise Multi-wire Saw

Posted on:2010-01-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360275480120Subject:Circuits and Systems
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Multi-wire saw (MWS) is the key equipment in the core device of the substratemanufacturing process in IC,IT and PV industries. MWS is one of the most advanced slice processing technology. The principle of MWS is putting abrasive slurry in cutting materials processing area through high-speed reciprocating motion of a stainless steel wire, and the materials will be cut into hundreds of thousands of wafers at the same time. But the design and implementation of MWS technology is very hard. And the core technology of MWS have been mastered by minority several countries, such as Japan, Switzerland and so on, which delays the development of related industry of our county. the development of China's independent intellectual property rights of high-precision cutting machine products are very important for breakthroughingmonopolization of foreign technology and bottleneck of domestic industry. Taken the designing process of MWS product in technical difficult problem as clues, the key technologies of MWS are deeply researched in the dissertation.(1) Based on the project research purposes, contents and requirements, the project implementation and technique realization scheme have been put forward. According to the project tasks undertaken by author, the theory and technique foundation have been deeply researched. The research emphases and the conquered difficulties of this project have been pointed out. And the domestic and foreign research present situation and trend of development have been summarized in the dissertation.(2) Aimed at the problem of wire tension control, factors that influence wire tension are analyzed. A wire tension control scheme, which torque motor is used to produce tension on wire instead of hammer, based on electromechanical integration is proposed. By using this tension control method, the intensity of fluctuations in tension can be greatly reduced. The theoretical analysis and experiment results proved that themethod has high control precision,flexible realization,low wire-broken malfunction and facile tension adjusting. And the realization of wire tension control scheme based on electromechanical integration laies the foundation for hardware project design of MWS.(3) Aimed at the problem of multi-motor speed synchronization control, the kinematics model of the tension motor is established by using the mechanical theory modeling method, and uncertainties that disturb the function of wire winding system of MWS is particularized comprehensively. MWS synchronization system is a nonlinear, time-varying, multi-output complex system. Aimed at the problem of PID control system in high speed running, An adaptive inverse control algorithm ,which takes the main motor as reference model and consists of a system identification process and an adaptive controller process, was proposed; When MWS works,the controller is adjusted adaptively to force the supplying and collecting motor to follow the main motor's output speed, The experiment result proved this algorithm can enhance synchronous system's stability, rapidity and accuracy.(4) Aimed at the problem of arranging wire servo control, the disadvantages to arranging wire method of close limit switches control system are pointed out. Andarranging wire servo control method of non-close limit switches is designed. The mathematical model of arranging wire structure based on the cam drive is established.By simulation research, the arranging wire control algorithm of electronic cam is realized. This algorithm hypothesized an electronic cam with software method. It can realize alternately supply and collect wire function by driving of collect spool motor. The experimental results proved that the realization of the scheme provided with superiority of simple mechanical structure, stability, high accuracy limit and uniform arranging wire.(5) Aimed at the problem of multi-motor system synchronized switching directionprocess control, this dissertation studied the reliability and stability of the wire winding system which directly influenced on stability of roller wire speed and performance of main axis transmission system. Mathematical model of transmission system is built, and main parameters of transmission system are designed byresearching each essential factor which influences sensitivity and precision of transmission system. Through theoretical analysis and experiment simulation, transmission effect in trapezoid wire winding curve and the double cosine half-wave speed rule curve is researched. And the wire winding algorithm of single cosine half-wave is proposed. The simulation and experimental result proved that the transmission efficiency is high, the velocity curve is smooth and the transition time is short.(6) According to the MWS functions and technical specification request, Highaccuracy multi-wire numerical control system is developed, and periphery assistantdevice, which includes the table feed system, sand-supplying system, wire windingsystem and the main axis system, is successfully developed. The MWS product is developed successfully. The experimental result proved that the MWS product has merits of stable control system, high precision of wafer.The developed key technologies of MWS in this dissertation solved the technical problem in development of MWS and the transformation of achievement and the process of industrial production effectively. It provided important theory basis and effective realized ways for developing MWS.
Keywords/Search Tags:Multi-wire saw (MWS), Multi-motor system, Tension control, Adaptive inverse control, Process control
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