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Research On Component-Based Development Technology Of Embedded Software

Posted on:2006-01-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P GuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360152498284Subject:Computer application technology
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When the Pervasive Computing age is coming, the embedded system will be more and more important. Productivity and quality of the embedded software are crucial for success of the embedded system. The embedded software is often developed without software reuse, which doesn't meet the demand of the embedded software development. Software reuse is the (only) realistic approach to bring about the gains of productivity and quality that the embedded software industry needs, and Component-Based Software Development (CBSD) is the most technique for software reuse. So the CBSD technology of embedded software has became a hot topic in the real-time software engineering.The state of art of CBSD technology is systematically analyzed in this dissertation. As a conclusion, the CBSD technology of embedded software is in its infant period. To promote to the growing of CBSD technology of embedded software, the research emphasis ought to be laid on the software design and implementation stages. So the CBSD technology about the software design and implementation stages is deeply, systematically researched in this dissertation, some main works and contributiveness are shown as follows:1. The component model and software framework based component model are the basic of the CBSD technology. Based on the analysis of the limitations in the traditional component model and software framework, a new real-time component model and a software framework are presented. The new software framework merges advantages of ideas of component and connector, so it can improve the reusability of embedded software to a great extent.2. The software platform is the key to improve the development efficiency. To develop a great diversity of embedded software, a uniform software platform, which is based on component, is proposed. This software platform improves software reusability among different embedded domains. In addition, the component-based hardware simulation environment integrated in this software platform improves further development efficiency of embedded...
Keywords/Search Tags:embedded software, component, Component-Based Software Development, software development environment, software process, software reuse, design methodology, software architecture, real-time software engineering, connector
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