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Research On Satisfactory Vibration Control Of Piezoelectric Laminated Shell

Posted on:2003-06-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360095452335Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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The piezoelectric laminated shell is a kind of adaptive structures, and integrated with composite base structure, piezoelectric sensor/actuator and controller units, which can observe the external disturbances by sensor, then change the structural state to adapt for the environment's change by the actuator, through regulation of controller units. It hold very wide and bright prospect of application in the military, aeronautic and astronautic fields. Based on the background of active control of advanced composite barrel's vibration, this dissertation focuses on the structure dynamic modeling technique of the piezoelectric laminated shell and satisfactory control of its vibration.In this dissertation, structure and material property of piezoelectric laminated shell, construction of analytical model and finite element model, satisfactory reduction of dynamic model's order, satisfactory control of vibration, genetic optimization of sensor/actuator units' disposition, system synthesis method and its software realization, are discussed and some useful conclusions for the application are acquired.In the aspect of dynamic modeling, there are great difference between analytical approaches of piezoelectric laminated shell and common elastic plate/shell because of mechanical-electrical coupling mechanisms. On the basis of classical shell theory and piezoelectric equations, existed a laminated shell's theory is improved and extended. With Mindlin theory - one order shear theory, and considering both of shear deformation and rotating inertial effect, a set of vibration control differential equations, sensing equations and actuating equations of piezoelectric laminated shell are derived through its structure energy functions. Based upon established analytical model, the finite element models of laminated shell pasted with piezoelectric units, are formulated, which employ a novel eight-node degenerated shell element - a - piezo element, then the model are converted into form of state space and transfer function. The analytical modeling and finite element modeling provide the theoretical basis and analysis tool to satisfactory vibration control of piezoelectric laminated shell. The numerical simulation result shows and validates the accuracy and effectiveness of coded software.Because of harsh and complicated operation environment, as well as transient and variable loads, vibration of piezoelectric laminated shell is a kind of sophisticated stochastic vibration process in fact. In consideration of indirection and limitation in model reduction and controller design of conventional method, this dissertation don't only optimize one performance index, but creatively apply satisfactory control theory fused with multi-performance indices, to dynamic model reduction of laminated shell and designing of controller, in order to satisfy the given expected both performance index of steady and transient behavior, then realize satisfactory control of piezoelectric laminated shell vibration.To discretely distributed sensor/actuator units, on the premise of stable control, differentlocalization of them would lead to different effect of vibration control. From the view of energy dissipation, this paper study optimized assignment of sensor/actuator units with multipeak optimization algorithm - genetic algorithm.From interdisciplinary view of structure dynamic and control, based on engineering background, considering defect and deficiency of conventional design method, structure/control integrated design, that is, system synthesis is discussed in this paper. Matlab and I-Deas based general simulation system of vibration control of piezoelectric laminated shell and its software architecture is also presented, by which, a system prototype environment- RSDE, has been developed in order to provide high efficient ways and means for active vibration control.The systematical researches on the satisfactory vibration control of piezoelectric laminated shell are presented in this dissertation. The study shows that the combination...
Keywords/Search Tags:Piezoelectric Laminated Shell (PLS), Composite Barrel, Self-Adaptive Structure, Satisfactory Control, Satisfactory Reduction, Active Vibration Control, Piezoelectric Sensor/Actuator, Finite Element Method
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