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Theory, Technology And Application Of Large-Scale Real-Time Database System In Process Industry

Posted on:2004-08-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C G WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360092975606Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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The destination of process industrial integrated automation system is to employ computer technology, information technology and automation technology to integrate business system and management system into processes, and bring enterprises more benefits. The key problem of the process industrial integrated automation system is to apply large-scale real-time database into process industry to integrate the data in process control system and management system. The National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) and the National Key Technologies R&D Program invite public researching on this problem, and fund the research project shown by this dissertation. In this dissertation, the research mainly focuses on the theory, technology, designing and application of the process industrial integrated automation system.The research results can be outlined as following:1. Based on the analysis of the requirements for process industry, development, implement, and maintaining of software system project are considered. The function and performance specification, which is the aid of software system designing, are shown. The architecture, which is based on multilayer C/S framework adopting COM/DCOM technology, is proposed. In this architecture, the blocks involve the key functions and can expand capability of data processing. By the support of this architecture, the intranet pattern of a process industrial real-time database system is flexible.2. The characteristics of process industrial real-time database model are introduced and a process industrial data model is built which adopts tags mapping method. The data model can handle the tag computation, lab's tag definition and process parameter store. The method of memory data management is proposed for the data model been presented. Multilayer index with groups, direct index with localID and temp index is used for all kinds of efficient query. The description and optimization of query are proposed for advanced data query in process industrial data model. The method is easy to be realized.3. Transaction schedules and concurrency controls are important for real-time database system. To achieve good efficiency in process industry, two phases protocol with ordered sharing locks, and FCFS transaction schedules are applied in this database. According to characteristic of the process industrial real-time database transactions, the granularity strategy of locked area is proposed to enhance the system's efficiency.4. History database is one of the key functions in process industrial real-time database. The design method and realization strategy are proposed. History database includes history database in memory and history database in disk. Memory-based history database has many fixed length arrays, which manage the history data by time order and can make the data be applied in advanced control and real-time optimization. The framework, multi-tasks mechanism, files arrays of disk-based history database, working for process industrial real-time database, are proposed as key aspects in system realization and designing. In history database, swinging door compression on time-order data, which has little computation and high efficiency, is introduced to get high compression performance.5. Fault-tolerant technique, active rule and distributed data access can improve the functions of process industrial real-time database. Two-phase Fault-tolerant system is proposed which could make the error and fault can be controled effectively. Referring to the active database system, a active rule mechanism is proposed in the real-time database. The active rule mechanism is easier to be realized, and satisfied to process industry.6. Advanced software technology plays an important role in building large-scale process industrial real-time database system. Firstly, Object-oriented, COM/DCOM are effective to organize a large-scale system with multi-block system. It is shown that how the technologies are app...
Keywords/Search Tags:process industrial real-time database system, integrated automation, data management model, Transaction schedules, concurrency controls, active rule, disk historian database, Goal-Okumoto NHPP model
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