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Requirements Modeling Methods Based On Ontology For Process Business

Posted on:2012-09-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118330368982910Subject:Computer application technology
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Requirements engineering is a discipline which analyze and define the requirements with the techniques and methods that is proven to be effective. It also helps analysts understand the problem in order to define all the external characteristics about the goal system. With the development of software technology, requirements analysis is becoming increasingly important in the process of software development. How to obtain the accurate and complete requirements is the focus of all requirements analysis methods. In recent years, the ontology has a widespread concern in the field of information science. It has been deeply studied in knowledge engineering, artificial intelligence, semantic web, requirements engineering and other related fields. User's requirements are the decisive driving force for technological development. It is a trend that applying ontology to the domain requirement projects and to build the domain requirement model for providing the personalized integrated business application to the users based on the description of requirements.At present, the research on the formal domain requirements modeling is still at an early stage. And many technical issues are involved. The goal-oriented requirements engineering method has been widespread concern in recent years. By using the system goal, the requirements are aroused, refined, structured, standardized and tested. The description of its semantic based on linear temporal logic is rigorous. This paper researches three problems, which are, structure of model, the decomposition and refinement of goal, module consistency detection. It integrates characteristic of process business domain and specific requirements of modeling, proposes solution of requirements modeling on process business domain based on ontology. The main works are as follow:1. This paper researches the formal modeling method of the structure of process business domain requirement model. First, it studies the existing process business examples and related articles, define the characteristics and scope of process business domain. And then it introduces the concept of organization ontology as the sense model which drives the requirement description and analysis. It also creates domain business model based on ontology which depicts the domain requirement model from organization, goal, object and operation. It still gives the formal description of model, defines the relationship among models, and provides the foundation for the follow-up practice and further research on key technology; 2. This paper researches the method of refining and operating the goal, proposes a goal refinement method based on organization model which organizes the fragmental information into easy-understood hierarchy structure. This paper also studies the inconsistent description of semantics between main body and goal in the KAOS (Knowledge Acquisition in automated Specification) method, puts forward a new BDI main body model based goal operationalization method on the foundation of goal refinement. This method uses a goal operation model to solve the problem of atom goal operationalization, guarantee the completeness and operability of the requirement model.3. This paper studies the consistency detection of model. For the problem that the consistency detection tool of formalized requirement model need to be designed specially, this paper proposes a multiview model consistency detection method based on model transform technology. This method converts the consistency detection to the query on the relational database, enhances the flexibility and expandability of detection and improves the efficiency. The universality of the new method is good;4. This paper also verifies the feasibility of the modeling framework by using engineering method on some examples. It lays the foundation of future application. UML has become the actual standard of object-oriented modeling. Therefore this paper chooses UML as the description language of application software. Then it studies the mapping method from ontology to UML meta-model, gives a generation method of UML chart based on ontology. And then the software requirement documents can be generated based on UML class diagram, object diagram and transition diagram.The ontology-based modeling method on process business requirements achieves the intelligent processing on users'requirement. The whole process reflects its modularity, expandability, reusability and interoperability of semantic-levels. It provides theoretical foundation and technical reference for the implementation of requirement acquirement and analysis for specific domain.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ontology, Process business domain, Requirement model, KAOS, Goal operationalization, Model consistency detection
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