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Keyword [Multi-tenant]
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161. Research On Access Control Technique Under Multi-tenant Cloud Environment Based On Trust-relation
162. Research On Key Issues Of Applying Software-Defined Networking To Multi-Tenants Datacenter
163. Research And Implementation Of Multi-tenant Building Technology For Web Application
164. Research On Load Balancing Based On Multi-tenant Task Scheduling In Storm
165. Research On Multi-Tenantís Privacy Security In Cloud Computing
166. SaaS-based Operation And Management System For Small And Medium-sized Food Production Companies
167. Design And Implementation Of Teaching Syatem Based On SaaS
168. Research And Implementation Of Personnel Sharing Service Center System Based On Multi Tenant Technology
169. Design And Implementation Of Inventory Management System Based On SaaS
170. Design And Implementation Of Scalable SaaS Platform
171. Research On Dynamic Resource Allocation Mechanism Of Spark Streaming
172. Design And Implementation Of Multi-tenant Configuration Management System In Multimedia Contact Center
173. Design And Implementation Of Multi Tenant Elderly Intelligent Service System In Deyang Sixth Hospital
174. Design And Implementation Of HFC Platform On Fog Network Application
175. Study On Quality Of Backup Service Based On The Multi-Tenant Data Deduplication
176. Researches On WebSocket Server Based On Node.js
177. Multi-tenant Instance-intensive Workflows Scheduling With Resource Reliability
178. Permission Access Control Based On SaaS Multi-tenant Model
179. Research On Multi-tenant Data Storage Mode Of SaaS Application Based On Universal Table
180. Research And Implementation Of Multi-tenant Access Control Mechanism For Cloud Manufacturing
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