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Keyword [Biometrics]
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141. Research On Curve-fitting Based Breath Odor Feature Extraction And Analysis
142. Based On Biometric Identification Of Passengers Self-service System
143. The Study Palmprint Recognition Based On Gabor Filter
144. Research On Subspace Methods For Palmprint Recognition
145. Research Of Finger Vein Recognition Technology And Its Implementation
146. Multi-Biometrics Recognition Research Of The Human Face And Ear
147. Research On Methodology Of Hand-Dorsa Veinrecognition Under Non-contact Imaging Condition
148. EEG-Based Personal Identification
149. E-Passport And Building Online Passport Service System
150. Study Of Eyebrow Recognition Base On AdaBoost Detection Method And Sub-Region Matching
151. Research And Realization Of Knuckle-print Identification Method
152. Linear Scan Palmprint Image Acquisition System Design And Implementation
153. Keyboard User Test Of The Weighted Principal Component Classifier,
154. Based On The Identity Of The Iris Recognition System
155. Based Biometric Authentication Technology, Cad And Document Management System
156. Based On Multi-modal Biometric Identity Recognition
157. Automated Fingerprint Identification System
158. Face And Palmprint Identification System Research
159. Three-dimensional Footprint Of The Weight Of Surface Segmentation And Description Of Morphological Characteristics,
160. Gait Recognition Method Based On Limb Length Parameters And Perspectives Normalized Perspective
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