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Keyword [SPARQL]
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101. Research On Key Technologies Of Query Supported Big RDF Data Compression
102. Research On Semantic Web Service Discovery Based On Hadoop
103. Research On Large-scale RDF Data Query Algorithm Based On Graph
104. A new filtering index for fast processing of sparql queries
105. Top-K Query Processing in Edge-Labeled Graph Data
106. Semantic integration of coastal buoys data using SPARQL
107. Benchmarking bottom-up and top-down strategies to SPARQL-to-SQL query translation
108. Data intensive query processing for Semantic Web data using Hadoop and MapReduce
109. Distributed SPARQL over Big RDF Data, A Comparative Analysis Using Presto and MapReduce
110. Keyword Query For RDF Data Based On Query Translation
111. Research On Query And Retrieval Techniques On Distributed Knowledge Graph
112. Design And Implementation Of Visual Question Answering System Based On Knowledge Graph
113. Research On Query Rewriting Of Distributed Knowledge Graph
114. Research On Distributed Knowledge Management And Query Optimization Technology
115. Research On Formal Query Generation For Complex Questions In Knowledge Base Question Answering
116. Academic Question Answer System Based On Knowledge Graph And Subgraph Matching
117. Adaptive Distributed RDF Processing
118. Unified SPARQL Query-analyzing Language Design And Theoretical Research
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