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21. Research Of Carbon Monoxide Gas Concentration Measurement System Based On Spectrum Absorption
22. Studies On Chinese Traditional Medicine Detection Based On SPR Technology
23. The Designing Of Real-time Monitoring System Of CH4Based On DSP
24. Design Of DFB Laser Driver Based On FPGA
25. The Temperature Measurement Research For High-speed Flow Based On Tunable Diode Laser Absorption With Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy
26. The Research Of Reflectometry Difference Biosensor Based On Wavelength Modulation
27. Researching Of Methane Optical Fiber Sensing System Based On Wavelength Modulation Spectroscopy
28. Research On Key Technologies Of Adi Based On Wavelength Modulation
29. Theoretical Simulation Research On The Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor And Its Application In The Measurement Of Fluid Refractive Index
30. Research And Design Of Real Time Monitoring System For Methane Concentration Based On TDLAS
31. Research On Ploymer Multi-Cladding Polymer Electro-optic Modulator Based On Long Period Fiber Grating
32. Research And System Design Of Gas On Line Monitoring In Industrial Process Research And System Design Of Gas On Line Monitoring In Industrial Process
33. Theoretical And Experimental Research On Optical Fiber Vibration Sensing
34. Research Of Fast Wavelength Interrogation Imaging SPR Biosensor
35. Research On The Optical Sensing Mechanism Of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Concentration Detection
36. The Research On The Rapid Leak Detection Technology Of The Vacuum Electronic Device Based On TDLAS
37. The Design And Application Of The Biosensor Based On Surface Plasmon Resonance
38. Determination And Application Of Current Modulation Wavelength Response Function Of DFB Laser
39. Research On Fiber Optic Sensing System Of C2H2 Based On Near-infrared Spectrum Absorption
40. Study On Detecting System Of Escaping Ammonia Based On Tunable Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Technology
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