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Keyword [opposition-based learning]
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21. Research On Evolution Model Analysis And Algorithm Improvement For Differential Evolution Algorithm
22. Research On Particle Swarm Optimization And Its Application To Fir Digital Filters
23. Research On Typical Swarm Intelligence Algorithms And Their Update Mechanisms
24. Research On Customer Classification Model And Improved Particle Clustering Algorithm
25. The Research And Application Of Multiobjective Hybrid Optimization Algorithm In Flexible Job-shop Scheduling
26. Application Research Of Meta-Heuristic Lightning Search Algorithm
27. Colliding Bodies Optimization And Its Application
28. Water Wave Optimization Algorithm And Its Application
29. Towards An Optimal Kernel Extreme Learning Machine Based On Swarm Intelligence Optimization With Its Applications
30. Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
31. Double Layer Emergency Supplies Scheduling Under The Nonlinear Continuous Supply And Consumption
32. Research On Sine Cosine Algorithm And Application
33. Improvement Of Krill Herd Algorithm And Its Application In Data Clustering
34. Research And Improvement Of Feature Selection Algorithm Based On Crow Search Algorithm
35. The Most Valuable Player Algorithm And Its Application
36. Research On Improved Swarm Intelligence Optimization Algorithms And Its Applications
37. Study On The Key Technology And Algorithms Of Broadband Beamforming
38. Research On Balance Convergence And Distribution Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms For Dynamic Multi-objective Problems
39. Two Improved Firefly Algorithms
40. Research On Firefly Algorithm And Its Application
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