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Keyword [dissipative soliton]
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21. Research On The Mode-locking Mechanism And Experimental Technique Of All Fiber Lasers
22. Study On Pulse Dynamics In Mode-locked Fiber Lasers With Large Pulse Energy Or High Repetition Rate
23. Research On Performance Improvement Of High-Energy Dissipative Soliton Mode-Locked Fiber Laser
24. Research On Passively Mode-locked Fiber Laser For High-speed All-optical Sampling
25. Research On Yb-doped Mode-locked Fiber Laser And Its Power Amplification
26. Research On Passively Harmonic Mode-locking Fiber Laser
27. Research Of New Material-based Passively Mode-locked Fiber Laser
28. Research On Supercontinuum And Raman Laser Based On 2?m Fiber Laser
29. Dissipative Soliton Resonance Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
30. Study On Dissipative Soliton Optical Parametric Oscillator And High-intensity Mid-infrared Optical Parametric Amplifier
31. Investigation Of All-optical Signal Processing Technology Based On Photonic Integrated Circuits
32. Research On All-Fiber Based Supercontinuum Source For All-Optical Sampling Application
33. Research On Photonic Time-stretch Analog-to-Digital Conversion Technology Based On Dissipative Soliton
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