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21. Research On Extended Cascading Modeling And The Constraint-following Control Of Multi-body Systems
22. Robust Adaptive Control For Uncertain Switched Systems Under Arbitrary And Restricted Switching
23. Research On Coordinated Tracking Control For Multi-Robot System Based On Binocular Visual
24. Research Of Information Fusion Control Technology For Underactuated System
25. Research On Multi-modal Data Based Event Monitoring In Cyber-physical Systems
26. Physical Layer Security In Multiuser MIMO Downlink Systems
27. Study On Design And Optimization Of Communication Schemes In Embedded Real-Time Systems
28. Research On Key Technology Of Vision Aided Inertial Navigation Based On Multiple View Geometry
29. Research On Programming Models And Optimizations For Petascale CPU-GPU Heterogeneous Computing Systems
30. Research On The Key Techniques Of Large Scale Parallel Computing On Accelerator-based Heterogeneous Systems For Applications
31. Study On Interference Alignment Techniques For Multi-cell Multi-user MIMO Systems
32. Researches On Defense Strategy Against Evasion Attacks
33. Study On Pattern-Based NN Control Of Nonlinear Systems
34. Basis Expansion Model-based Doubly Selective Channel Estimation And Detection Techniques For Multi-carrier Communication Systems
35. Research On Energy Efficient And Reliable Optimization Algorithms Of Embedded Real-time Systems
36. Absolute Stability Of Multilateral Haptic Teleoperation Systems
37. Research On Microwave Time Reversal Systems And Related Key Techniques
38. Research On Image Processing Based On Anisotropic Diffusion Equations
39. Robust Stability Analysis And Control Of Some Classes Of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems
40. Key Techniques For Relay/Multicell MIMO Systems With Imperfect CSI
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