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Keyword [Surface Plasmon Resonance]
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21. Study On The Terahertz Continuous Wave Imaging And Photonic Crystal Fiber Based On Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor
22. The Design Of The Miniature SPR Bio-analytical System And Its Application In Environmental Pollutions
23. Research On Refractive Index Measurement System Based On SPR Using Wavelength Modulation
24. Surface Plasmon Resonance Effects At The Interface Of The Nano Films
25. Development Of Amperometric Chemo-/biosensors Based On Thiol-ene Chemistry And Research On Highly Sensitive Piezoelectric Biosensing
26. Research And Application On Optical Fiber Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor
27. Research On SPR Biosensors For Protein Molecular Interaction Analysis
28. Image Signal Acquisition System For SPR Micro-Array Based On Phase Detection
29. Research On Planar Optical Waveguide SPR Biosensor
30. The Study Of The Ion-exchanged Waveguide
31. Theoretical And Simulation Study Based On The Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Display
32. Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors Based On Self-assembled Layers And Au Nanoparticles
33. Optical Fiber Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Detection System And Its Data Analysis Algorithm
34. Study On Peptide Nucleic Acid GeneChip Detection System Based On Surface Plasmon Resonance
35. Design Of Mini Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) Bio-chemical
36. Theory And Designs Of Fiber Optic Surface Plasmon Resonance (FO-SPR) Sensor
37. Application Of Phase Measurement To Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors
38. Information Acquisition Circuit Design Of SPR Biosensors
39. Research On Structural Simulation And Signal Process Of Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor
40. Research On SPR Sensor And Its Application In Studying The Interaction Between β-cyclodextrin And Azobenzene
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