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21. The All-fiber Passive Mode-locked Laser Using SESAM
22. Passively Mode-locked Side-pumped Nd: YAG Laser With SESAM
23. Characteristics Of All-solid Urltrashort Pulse Laser
24. The Watt Level Pico-second Fiber Laser In MOPA Construction
25. All Solid State Nd: YVO4 Mode-locked Laser With SESAM
26. Experimental Of Diode-pumped Yb 3+ -doped Ultra-fast Lasers
27. Characteristic Of Diode-pumped Yb3+-doped Y2SiO5 Laser
28. Research On LD Pumped All-Solid-State Passively Mode-Locked Lasers
29. All Solid-state Sesam Continuous Wave 1064nm Passively Mode-locked Laser
30. Ld Pumped All-solid-state Laser Thermal Effect And Mode-locking Characteristics Of Study
31. Sesam 1.06m Laser Passively Mode-locked Picosecond Pulses Of A Single Measurement
32. Passively Mode-Locked Fiber Laser And Its Dispersion Management
33. Research On All-Solid-State Lasers Used For THz Pumping Source
34. Study Of High-power Megahertz-level Repetition Rate Cavity-dumped Mode-locked Laser Under In-band Pumping
35. Characteristics Of Ultra-short Pulse Laser Based On Yb3+:Se2SiO5 Crystal
36. Research On LD End-pumped SESAM Passively Mode-locked Lasers
37. Research On The Yb-doped Pulse Fiber Laser
38. The Performance Of All-solid-state Mode-locked Lasers At1.3μm
39. Characteristics Of Solitons In Passively Mode-locked Fiber Laser Using A SESAM
40. Research Of Yb:YAG Mode-locking Laser And Optical Properties Of Nonlinear Crystal CBBF
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