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181. Researches And Applications Of The Association Rule Mining Algorithms Based On Spleen Feebleness Diagnosis
182. Researches On ATMS-based Association Rules Mining In Clinic Data And Their Applications To The Spleen Feebleness Diagnosis In The Chinese Traditional Medicine
183. Data Mining Of Fencing Athletes' Blood Items Optimization
184. Study On Multi-Level Association Rules Mining Algorithm Based On FP-Tree
185. Data Mining's Research And Application In TCM Patent Data Set
186. Chinese Traditional Medicine Couples And Groups Mining Methods Research
187. Research On Data Mining Based Decision Rules And Association Rules
188. Research And Realization Of Mining Association Rules In Distributed System
189. Research On Multi-Dimension Query Analysis Algorithm
190. Research And Application Of Association Rules Algorithms In Data Mining
191. Personal Recommendation Based On The Weighted Association Rules And Browser Behavior
192. The Comparative Research Of Distributed Association Rules Algorithm And Classification Decision Tree Algorithm
193. Research Of Association Mining
194. Application Of Improved Apriori Algorithm On Expansive Training To Cultivation Of Student Quality
195. Application Of Association Rules Mining On Educational Management
196. Research On Association Rules Mining And Outlier Analysis And Their Application In Analytical Customer Relationship Management
197. Researches And Applications On Association Rules Mining With Multiple Minimum Supports
198. Study On The Association Rules Updating In The Data Mining
199. Study On Multi-dimension Of Temporal Association Rules Mining
200. Research Of Mining Measures To Anxiety Disorders's SPECT Data
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