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Keyword [Non-Volatile Memory]
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181. The Study Of Facilities Operation Human Resource Planning After Company A's Expansion
182. Design And Optimization Of LSM-tree Storage Cache For Database Load
183. Study On Non-volatile Phototransistor Memory Without Tunneling Dielectric Layer
184. Preparation And Properties Of Memory Devices Based On Silver Ion Migration
185. Li-ion-gated Synaptic Transistors Based On Graphdiyne/MoS2 Heterostructure
186. Preparation Of Two-dimensional Materials MoS2 And CrSiTe3 Field-effect Transistors And Study Of Their Electrical Properties
187. Study On Preparation And Characteristics Of Low-power Two-dimensional InSe Transistor
188. Research On Ultra Low Power MTP Memory IP Core Based On Standard CMOS Process
189. Resource Abstraction And Data Placement For Distributed Hybrid Memory Pool
190. Research And Implementation In Wear Leveling Systems For Non-volatile FPGA
191. Research On Shuffle Technology Of Separation Of Computing And Storage In Big Data System
192. Research On New Indexing Technologies For Non-Volatile Memory
193. Research On B~+-Tree Based Efficient Indexing Structure For Non-Volatile Memory
194. Research And Implementation Of A File System Metadata Storage Technology Based On NVM
195. Q-learning Based Backup For Energy Harvesting R-Powered Embedded Systems
196. Low Power Cache Design Based On STT-RAM
197. Research On High-dimensional Potential Energy Surface Fitting Based On Crossbar Array Architecture Of Non-volatile Memory Devices
198. Design And Implementation Of Distributed Memory Object System Based On RDMA
199. Research And Implementation Of An Efficient Key-Value Storage System With Hybrid Tree Index Structure Based On Non-Volatile Memory
200. Research On Lightweight Dynamic Lazy Page Wear-leveling Mechanism
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